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16 OCTOBER 2024

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED at the moment for this event,
please come back in July 
to purchase tickets! 

MCU Foundation's Guest of Honor: COMING SOON

To read about last year's GOH visit HERE 

Save the date details are available on our 
Event Page.

Reservations are accepted on a “first come, first served” basis. To be listed in the program as a Sponsor or Donor, tickets must be purchased on or before September 25, 2024.

To see a list of former recipients of the Major General John H. Russell Leadership Award, click here.
Come, be a part of this exceptional Luncheon and support our Marines and their Professional Military Education at home and abroad!


Need an Invoice to generate payment for our event?
If an Invoice is needed to generate payment for your organization, Here are the steps to generate an invoice on your own and register for the event all at one time! First register for the event, and click the 'Invoice Me' option upon check out. Next click 'View Invoice' within the yellow box at the top of the page, then click 'Pay by Mail' within that yellow message box. If paying by check, print the invoice from the page you are on so it can be included along with your payment. Now, follow your companies internal process to generate payment for events and mail the invoice along with full payment to the address listed in the yellow information box on the invoice. Please note that all payments need to arrive by the RSVP date listed. If you have any questions, please contact us. Not seeing what you are looking for?
Try the following page   - Invoices, forms and Instructions for wire transfers.  

Purchase tickets Here


If you find that you cannot attend the event but would still like to support, please consider donating in lieu of attending or contributing to the Sponsorship Program to underwrite the cost for Junior Enlisted Sailors and Marines to attend the event. 
To donate online, please use our secure donation link
Thank you for your support of the MCU Foundation. 

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Be sure to check back often to learn about and register for other upcoming events. Below are upcoming and past events we have held. 

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