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MCU Foundation EVents

Invoices, FORMS, wire transfer instructions and more (Russell event)

Corporations/Organizations, Sponsors or Individuals -  
If you are attending one of our events and need a form, instructions on how to send a wire transfer, the Non-Tax-Deductible and Tax-Deductible dollar amount for a table purchase or a ticket purchase, you've landed on the correct page! All that information can be found below on this page.  

Need an Invoice to generate payment for your Organization?
If an Invoice is needed to generate payment for your organization, please register online (be sure event registration is open) as normal and click on 'Invoice Me' or 'Pay by Mail' option upon check out, following the instructions on the screen as if you were paying by check and then follow your companies internal process to generate payment for this event. Please note that all payments need to arrive to us by the given RSVP date listed. If you have any questions, please contact us via the information below. 

If attending one of our events as a Sponsor and have purchased a table and need to download our MCU Foundation W9 form for tax purposes, please download it here: W9


For instructions for how to send money via Wire Transfer please contact us.

Non-Tax-Deductible and 
Taxable Amounts:

Other important information regarding what the breakdown is per ticket and table purchase for the 
Non-Tax-Deductible and Tax-deductible amounts for the 2024 Russell Leadership Award Luncheon. See the chart below to know what to report for each ticket level:

Information for Russell Leadership Award Luncheon 2024:

Ticket Type  Ticket or Table Cost  Non- Tax-Deductible Amount  Tax-Deductible Amount  
 Early Bird Ticket  $400ea  $225  $225
 Individual Ticket  $450ea   $225  $225
 Bronze Table Purchase  $4,500 (10 seats per table)  $2,250  $2,250
 Silver Table Purchase  $7,000 (10 seats per table)  $2,250  $4,750
 Gold Table Purchase  $10,000 (10 seats per table)  $2,250  $7,750

Here's where the numbers come from, (example):
If you have purchased a Silver level table at the $7,000 cost, and you have a Donor-Advised fund which you would like the donor fund to pay for the Tax-Deductible portion of the table, that amount is $4,750. This amount is obtained by subtracting the Non-Tax-Deductible portion ($2,250) from the total cost of the table ($7,000). The Donor Fund would make arrangements to send Marine Corps University Foundation the payment for $4,750.

The Non-Tax-Deductible amount of $2,250 is obtained by taking the cost per seat of $225 and multiplying it by the number of seats at the table ($225 x 10). The remaining balance of $2,250 is then paid personally by the attendee via credit card or check for the event, it is not paid out of a Tax-Deductible donor advised fund. 

If this is something that you may need to do or have questions please let us know. Perhaps you need to have two separate invoices created, we can also arrange this for you. Please let us know and be mindful of the RSVP cut-off days for both the printed program and the event, they are two separate dates.    

If you have questions please contact Kimberly Niero
Director of Programs Support. 

Thank you for your support!

The Marine Corps University Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on tax deductible gifts, is the only Marine Corps charity solely dedicated to supporting the Professional Military Education (PME) of Officer and Enlisted Marines at the Marine Corps University and throughout the Operating Forces. Special events, such as the Major General John H. Russell Leadership Award Luncheon provide funding that supports Marine Leaders and their Professional Military Education worldwide.  The University leadership’s vision has been twofold – to prepare Marines at all levels to address complex security challenges in a rapidly transforming world through an unparalleled education in security and warfighting studies, and to groom the next generation of decision makers within the Marine Corps, government, and the private sector, equipping them with the critical thinking skills that will enable them to achieve success in any number of career paths. The Foundation relies on tax-exempt contributions from our Major General John H. Russell Leadership Award Luncheon, and those who support Marine Corps causes, including Corporate Members, Marine friends, former Marines helping Marines and donations in memory or in honor of someone special. We are grateful for your tax-deductible donation to support the Professional Military Education of active duty and reserve Marines. Semper Fi!

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